First Light

Sycamore - First Light, 2016

Charrière’s series of large-format photographic prints of typically idyllic tropical island scenes conjures Bikini’s sublimated trauma. Shot on the Bikini Islands they depict water, palms, beaches and horizons. Sand from nuclear ‘hot’ sites has been placed on the photo negatives during their development process, altering the images in an arresting fashion. The prints oscillate between the peaceful cliché of tropical sunset photography and the destructive beauty issuing from atomic ‘second suns’. In them the manmade energy of the landscape undermines, literally, the image of paradise typically found in tourist brochures. Exposing the film stock to radioactive material destroys one mode of (photographic) visual information, while at the same time adding another. The result is a doubly synthetic topography.

Able - First Light, 2016

Nutmeg - First Light, 2016

Koon - First Light, 2016

Crossroads I - First Light, 2016

Union - First Light, 2016

Crossroads II - First Light, 2016