Jungle (Kunst), 2013

Kunst is a collaboration between Julian Charrière and Julius von Bismarck. The work is the photographic documentation of a series of ephemeral intervention on specific sites, consisting in the apparent simple gesture of writing a single word in capital letters upon pieces of land, forest, mountains, and so forth. The meaning of the chosen word always corresponds to the surface on which it is written (“Wald” on a forest, “Dune” on a sand dune, “Mountain” on a peak, etc.), superimposing the signifier on the signified. This ongoing project is indebted both to Conceptual Art’s insistence on the linguistic nature of all art propositions (Joseph Kosuth), and to Land Art’s involvement with ephemeral marking of specific sites.

Dune (Kunst), 2013

Lava (Kunst), 2013

Snow (Kunst), 2013

Moos (Kunst), 2013